Dun du du dun dun

urgh I am at my grandparent’s house now and here i have a fucked up table hrrrgggghhh

anyway, bfff swapping clothes yay!

here she is! :^D in my favourite dress

with two different versions because i couldn’t decide!

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Streaming for a while and doodling things!

the hide-behind short episode made me shiver-

I did my first livestream and this is what happened

I also found out that livestreaming fucks up my tablet so the pressure and everything was different even on photoshop meh-

Beside that, it was really fun and I hope to do it again! *v* I don’t care if the tablet will be a lil shit again, we need other eridans popping out of lava

*screams* you did an amazing job with Kanaya and Karkat and I love them both, it's so amazing, the art is so fabulous, you are awesome, and uuuuugggghhhhh!!!!!! I love it, thank you for doing my suggestion! <3


AAAAAAAAH THANK YOU!! I am happy you liked it, I had fun drawing those two!!! ;/////;

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Um I really like your art style and you look very lovely so have like some tea and a flowercrown


Woah, thank you a lot!!!

You are invited to my tea party- and I’ll gladly accept the flowercrown, I want one so badly for ironic purposes ;w;

I am in the mood to try and draw nsfw but I can’t draw nsfw because my family is around- a thrilling story.


JAKE: At first, yes.