Dun du du dun dun

omg thank you so much!! >//v//<


update art

ahh yes of course I hope you like this ;w;

kiss kiss here are the devilish twins

equidan for the lovely natsu who drew for me windycuffs and she deserves all the equius/everyone in this world \ouo/

May I request the ever beautiful pale/pitch vacillating davekat?



And this is how we do, yeah

chilling laid back straight stuntin’

yeah we do it like that

who screams louder on the rollercoaster?

Jake but because he is having fun

Ok but in the Giffany episode I totally saw Terezi and I don't know if you already noticed but I thought I'd mention it because why the fuck not? I'll submit a picture of it later or something because it is really great.

wait i think i saw her too??? I probably did because I remember saying to myself ‘that looks like tz a lot’ but then gravity falls got me distracted from everything D8

bunch of gravity falls sketches